The most evocative ports where you can sleep in Bed&Boat in Liguria, Tuscany and Veneto

Which are the best marinas in Italy? Those harbours where it’s amazing to be able to spend a holiday or even a weekend sleeping at the mooring? Because a marina isn’t just a harbour, but has now become something else. In alot of cases we are talking about real waterside resorts, equipped with all those services that make a holiday unique.

And that’s not all: because a moored stay in the marina invokes extraordinary feelings, starting with the location. And that’s because we are talking about the most beautiful of the Italian coasts, the perfect backdrop for experiencing a Bed&Boat holiday in a charming atmosphere such as that of a boat’s cabin.

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The best marinas in Italy: Liguria is Queen 

Liguria plays its best cards in the offer to sleep on board with the Bed&Boat formula. From the Ponente Riviera to that of the Levante, you can find some of the most charming marinas in Italy on this stretch of coastline.

Starting with the Marina of Loano that offers an abundance of services, perfect for experiencing a holiday at any time of the year. Beginning at Marina Beach, a proper bathing establishment connected to the marina. A Bed&Boat holiday in the Marina of Loano means having breakfast on the deck and being able to decide: in a few minutes we can be lying in the sun or walking in the town centre, without a long and annoying journey. Or even perhaps just enjoying relaxing on deck to recharge our batteries.

Sleeping in Bed&Boat: Varazze Marina and Porto Mirabello

Moving to the east we find the Marina of Varazze: the perfect location for a unique experience. A walk in the Marina allows us to discover the shops and restaurants, because the Varazze Marina is a “village within a village”: its structure fits harmoniously into the town, as an integral part of it. 

Then, starting to walk from the marina in discovery of Varazze and returning later to have a rest in the cabin, surrounded by only the sounds of the sea, is an experience not to be missed.

Just like watching the sun rise over the Gulf of Poets, in the unique location of Porto Mirabello. The marina is located right in the middle of the Gulf, which has inspired many artists thanks to its beauty, and a stay in Bed&Boat is the best way to enjoy unique views and sensations, which can only be seen and experienced on the sea. Perhas sipping a nice coffee, while the sea gets more and more blue and we prepare for a day of fun ahead. 

Marina Varazze


The best marinas in Italy: Marina Cala Galera

Porto Ercole is one of the most charming fishing villages in Tuscany. Walking along the narrow streets, we step into another world where time passes slowly. And sleeping in Bed&Boat in the Marina Cala Galera means finding yourself only a few minutes from the town, avoiding the typical holiday crowds.

We can walk to discover the typcial local shops, bars and restaurants and then return to our oasis of relaxation on board our boat. To prepare an aperitif or a dinner on the deck, perhaps by candlelight, with the light of the moon making the atmosphere even more magical.

Sleep in Bed&Boat: Darsena Sant’Elena

Does sleeping on board a boat in the heart of Venice seem like a dream? With a Bed&Boat stay at the Darsena Sant’Elena it can become a reality. A unique location, a short distance from the Biennale and St Marks Square, for a lagoon stay that offers a unique view over Venice.

The charm of one of the world’s most unique cities, combined with a location like the cabin of a boat: an unbeatable combination, for an incredible holiday experience, destined to remain in our hearts forever.