Bed&Boat stay in Liguria: an alternative to the usual hotel

Couples on boat

Sleeping on a boat in Liguria as an alternative to a hotel? Maybe we’ve never considered that other holiday accommodation options exist, apart from the classic hotel room. But sleeping on a boat is one of them, and definitely among the most interesting.

A Bed&Boat stay, on a moored boat, means discovering a new way of experiencing a boat holiday.  Sleeping on a boat along the Ligurian coast allows you to see some of the most beautiful places that face the sea, from a new point of view.

Sleeping on a boat in Liguria: La Spezia and the Gulf of Poets

The Gulf of Poets forms a spectacular combination of coasts and islands, unique in the whole of the Mediterranean. Choosing therefore, to sleep in Bed&Boat in La Spezia you can set off in search of some of the most beautiful locations on the coast, including Cinque Terre.

Not forgetting of course the enogastronomic traditions which are the flagship of this territory. Because tasting a glass of fresh white wine accompanied by the classic ‘focaccia’, on the deck of our boat at apperitif time can make our holiday even more magical.

Alternatives to a hotel: sleeping on a boat in Savona

Savona offers some big surprises: both on the coast, because you can find some beautiful beaches in the area, and inland, perfect for those who like trying new sporting activities, such as canyoning.

In summary, choosing a Bed&Boat stay in Savona means you are just a short distance from the city but at the same time it allows you to enjoy the beauty of the sea. Our boat then becomes an oasis of relaxation ready to greet us after a day of adventure and discovery

The Coast of Flowers: the charm of a sailing boatLetyourboat Riviera dei Fiori

Few places have the charm of the Riviera dei Fiori and few boats are as incredibly beautiful as the sailing boat. And consequently sleeping on board a sailing boat moored on the Riviera dei Fiori becomes something really magical.

Departing from San Lorenzo a Mare you can discover the most picturesque villages of the Riviera. Then for instance we can try watersports such as Kayaking, to experience the sea close up or visit ancient villages that encapsulate history and magic. Magic complemented by the unique atmosphere of our cabin, that with its special charm makes us feel like the stars of an exclusive holiday.

Holiday in Liguria: Genova from the sea

Letyourboat Genova dal mare

Does staying in a city like Genova necessarily mean being in the middle of the chaos? No, if we choose to sleep on board a boat moored close to the city centre. This means waking up to the sound of the seagulls and the sun rising over the sea. Then, after breakfast on deck, diving into the narrow streets of the city within minutes, in search of extraordinary places and sights.

Instead if we want to to try the experience of a waterside resort, the choice can be that of a sailing boat moored in the Marina. Here we’ll have all the services of a modern resort at our disposal, mixed with the charm that only a stay on a boat can offer. From there we can set off in discovery of all the incredible experiences that turn a boat holiday into something much more extraordinary and unforgettable.

Let’s forget the classic hotel: an onboard stay in Bed&Boat is the best solution for a holiday in Liguria. A boat holiday at the heart of our destination.