Discover the Marinas: modern resorts on the water’s edge

Letyourboat Marina

A walk in the Marina? Firstly, let’s forget the usual locations, because a Marina is no longer a simple harbour where boats dock. Gone is the disorganisation, sailors busy taking care of the boats and fishermen hunting the last fish.

In recent years, marinas have increased their services and gradually become real waterside resorts. They have become the perfect place for an evening stroll, but also somewhere to spend your holiday, perhaps sleeping on a boat for a “bed and boat stay”.

A walk in the Marina for a special evening

In a seaside town we are used to thinking of the promenade as the place for an evening stroll. Let’s try something new: an evening walk in the Marina can offer us some real surprises, because the atmosphere a marina offers is truly unique: by exploring on foot we can find restaurants, bars and shops just like those found on the most beautiful promenades.

But with something more: we can admire the beauty of the most exclusive boats close up, perhaps dreaming of a holiday onboard a luxury yacht .

But why stop at dreaming? Why not rent a boat for a private cruise , where you can stop at the most exclusive marinas of the coast? A perfect idea for a boat holiday without renouncing comfort.

A walk in the Marina: the charm of an unforgettable location

Letyourboat walk in the Marina

Even just enjoying an aperitif in the Marina is an experience to try. Hearing the sound of the sea and savouring the view of a sunset over the most beautiful resorts of the coast. And all this being a few steps from the centre of the most beautiful seaside towns.

There is no need to take the car, queue impatiently and go crazy looking for a parking space. In the marina the pace of time is slower, rewarding us some well-deserved relaxation in an exclusive and elegant environment.

Waterside resort: all the services you need to make the perfect holiday 

If a walk in the marina is a charming experience, choosing a Marina as your holiday destination goes one step further. A “bed and boat” stay onboard allows you to enjoy the unique atmosphere while not forgoing any home comforts. The Marinas are equipped with all the services that you could need during your holiday; from shops, bars and even gyms and the possibility to try travel experiences such as diving or day trips.

Everything you need for an all round holiday: you can easily reach the most beautiful cities of the coast. A marina holiday is the chance to change your outlook and to discover the heart of your destination.

And without forgetting safety: staying on board a boat in the Marina protects us not only from the weather, but also the crowds that too often invade the tourist resorts.

With a bed and boat stay we can enjoy our personal corner of paradise: there is nothing more wonderful than having breakfast on the deck while the marina wakes up and everything seems to get back on track for the day ahead. Or even nicer still, to fall asleep under the stars, away from the bright light and chaos of the city.

Let’s take a walk in the Marina: we’ll discover a whole new world, very different from the one we have always imagined. A unique and fascinating world, ready to welcome us and help us make the most of our time, whether its a few hours or an entire holiday.