We are finally out of a long and hard winter: it’s time to book our summer 2022 boat holidays. The first summer in which we can be truly free: to discover new places and live exciting experiences.

And the best way to enjoy the freedom of a holiday is to charter a boat for a private cruise: on board a sailboat, yacht or catamaran, a boat holiday is truly the gift we deserve.

Summer 2022 boat holidays: finally free

The beginning of summer coincides with the end in Italy of the restrictions imposed by the spread of Covid-19. This means that we will no longer need the Green Pass, swab or wear a mask to travel. A newfound freedom that we absolutely must celebrate: and a boat holiday is the best choice.

We can choose the type of boat and our destination: the most beautiful seas and coasts of Italy and the Mediterranean are waiting for us. A boat holiday means enjoying the sea from a unique and privileged point of view, away from the crowds. A perfect holiday if we want to rest, play sports, travel with family and friends: and just one click is enough now to be ready to go.

The suitcase is ready: everybody on the boat

Maybe we don’t know, but boat holidays are among the most requested: and not only by Italians, but by tourists from all over the world. From Europe or from more distant continents, a boat holiday is the most popular choice for discovering the most fascinating places in the Mediterranean. The sailboat for the more adventurous, the yacht for those who love comfort to the fullest: for every traveller, being able to sail the sea is an experience not to be renounced.

Indeed, a boat holiday allows you to discover places that are often inaccessible except from the sea. And the travellers of the new millennium have discovered how in this way it is possible to combine relaxation and the pleasure of discovery, reaching in a short time and with privileged access even the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world.

Summer 2022 boat holidays: let’s not waste time!

We are only in June: it is true. August still seems a long way off: this is also true. But now is really the right time to book our boat holidays for summer 2022. We can’t wait any longer: the risk is not to find the boat we want for the cruise we have chosen. Or that all dates are already occupied.

The traveller of the new millennium has become attentive: especially those coming from abroad have long ago decided on their destination for a boat holiday and booked. And the early arrival of the heat has prompted even lovers of last minute holidays to get going. We don’t have to waste any more time: just one click is enough to choose our boat cruise for summer 2022.

Choosing now means still having many possibilities available, not only for the cruise but also for the type of boat. We can try a sailboat or enjoy the luxury of sailing aboard a yacht, perhaps completing our holiday with exclusive experiences. We’ll think about suitcases later, now it’s time to book.

And booking our summer 2022 boat holidays now also allows us to enjoy an exclusive promotion. Just enter the discount code “LYB2022” on a booking for a cruise of at least € 900 among the Letyourboat offers and immediately get a discount of € 50.

The sun, the sea and the much desired freedom are awaiting us just one click away to spend a truly unforgettable summer 2022!