Rent a yacht? We’ve probably never considered the idea of a yacht holiday, but now its become possible. A new holiday concept, finally accessible to everyone. In other words, we can turn a dream into our next trip, with just one click.

Yacht holidays: staying in a unique environment

A luxury yacht holiday, just like the ones you see in the movies as they cruise the Caribbean seas. We’ve probably all thought about it, but we’ve always seen it as an unachievable dream. Unless we have an unexpected lottery win that is. Certainly we’ve thought about how we would relax while sunbathing on deck, waiting to arrive in an isolated cove, where to immerse ourselves in the crystal clear sea or simply how special it could be to spend time on the sky-deck of a yacht while moored in a beautiful Marina.

yacht holiday

Rent a yacht: with just one click

But is it really just a dream? Not any more, because you can rent the most elegant yachts, either to sample the experience of sleeping on board moored in the Marina (Bed&Boat) or to organise a wonderful cruise. So, you just have to pack and choose your yacht. Are you ready to board?

Rent a yacht for a perfect holiday, in an unrivalled and luxurious environment. Since we’re not easily satisfied, we are always looking for the very best for our dream stay. In other words, a holiday where our only concern is how to enjoy every single moment on the boat and the right clothes to pack.

Above all, it’s a safe as well as unique holiday: only us on board, together with the people we have decided to spend our yacht holiday with. That is, no crowds, no gatherings, no queues: just relaxation, sipping an aperitif on the deck. But not forgetting the environment that surrounds us. Yachts can be compared to the creations of great designers, opulent and tailor-made, to offer maximum comfort and style.

A private cruise in the Seychelles aboard a catamaran

The Seychelles is a paradise for sea lovers and consequently there’s nothing better than discovering the islands on a private cruise aboard the stunning catamaran, Pazzona. The yacht is moored at Eden Island, from where you can set off to discover the beauty of the Seychelles, with its crystal clear waters perfect for diving and snorkelling.

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Yacht holiday: discovering the Balearic Islands aboard a sailing boat

Sailing has a unique charm and a yacht holiday on board, for example, the exclusive Maha it is even more beautiful. The sailing boat is moored at Sant Antoni de Portmany, in the heart of the Balearic Islands. A perfect starting point to navigate the waters of Ibiza and Formentera: a paradise for those who love both the sea and nightlife. To live aboard a yacht, just like real VIPs.

The Greek islands seen from the deck of a yacht

The Greek islands are among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean and reaching them by sea is the perfect way to discover them whilst avoiding the typical summer crowds. So why not consider a cruise aboard the Silverstar catamaran? With a modern and refined interior, perfect for enjoying life on board after a day spent at sea, on a boat of the highest standard.

Yacht holiday: discover Sicily

If we want to stay a bit closer to home on the other hand, what better destination for your yacht holiday than Sicily. Exploring the island’s coastline, starting from Marsala, sailing to the Egadi Islands aboard the exclusive yacht Alaria is truly an unforgettable experience. And not only for the scenery, since the beaches of the area are on a par with those of the Caribbean, but also for the chance to taste fresh fish caught and cooked by the skilled hands of the on board crew. A perfect mix to revive body and spirit.

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Sleep on board a yacht? You can do it all year round!

What if we don’t feel ready for a cruise yet but still want to experience sleeping in a unique location such as that offered by a yacht? No problem, because we can also choose to sleep on a boat (Bed&Boat), that is, rent a moored yacht, perhaps on a classic such as the Paxos.

The atmosphere that welcomes us will be incomparable, quite different from the one we can find in a hotel. The wood that surrounds us transmitting elegance and warmth, the chance to sleep under the light of the stars and to wake up without the annoying buzz of the alarm clock but thanks to the sun that gently enters the portholes. Not forgetting of course the opportunity to discover life in the Marina, away from the crowds but still in the heart of the most beautiful cities on the coast.

A day onboard a moored yacht

A day on board has no schedule, no commitments, no deadlines. Perhaps only that of breakfast, taken slowly, when you’re ready, there on the bridge. Even a simple coffee tastes different when enjoyed in the sun whilst looking out to sea.

A stay on a romantic floating base is special and everything is designed for beauty and comfort. As in the best hotels, but with something more.

In summary, every moment is extraordinary and unforgettable on a yacht holiday. From sunrise until sunset, when the noise subsides, the lights of the other boats illuminate the sea and a candle lights up the dinner table. Even in the evening, when you turn off the lights in the cabin, forgetting the tv or smartphone. Enjoying the blanket of stars like never before. Because the sky is different too, seen from a boat.

All this without being tied to a particular “season”. A stay at the mooring allows you to discover new locations at any time of the year. Travelling in the low season can prove to be a very interesting experience, thanks to the scarce crowds and the possibility of enjoying even the most popular tourist places, in relative peace.

Stop dreaming and just do it. It only takes one click to choose an unforgettable yacht holiday.

Book a night on a yacht with prices starting from €120 for two people including breakfast.


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