Sleep on a boat in Cagliari to discover a different Sardinia

A boat holiday in Sardinia is a “must have” for the summer.  Aside from the Sardinian glamour and the VIPs, there is another island, full of undiscovered jewels. And a boat holiday in Cagliari can be the perfect occasion to search for them. The southern part of Sardinia is a succession of incredible locations, of stunning beaches and a unique nature. And renting a boat is the best way to discover this treasure.

boat holiday in Cagliari , yacht

Cagliari: a little jewel immersed in nature

The charm of Cagliari lies in its size, which is halfway between a town and a city: an encrusted jewel, that you can discover by walking in the historic centre. The Castle, the central district that is home to the ‘Torri di San Pancrazio e dell’Elefante’, once defended by invaders, can be found in the heart of the city. But if we want to discover the city from above, a stop at the ‘Terrazza Umberto I’ is essential. From here you can observe Cagliari and its surroundings, perhaps whilst enjoying an appertif in good company.

Nature is another of Cagliari’s protagonists: starting with Poetto, one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, where you can relax after exploring the city. The beach extends for around 7 kilometres, reaching as far as Quartu Sant’Elena and is perfect whether you love the sea and water sports, or having a party. In fact the area is full of clubs, bars and restaurants and is very lively at night; getting bored here is almost impossible.

boat holiday in Cagliari , marina houseboat

The pink flamingoes

It may seem incredible to find a rare animal such as the pink flamingo such a short distance from the city centre. But in Cagliari you can: nor far from Poetto beach, you will find the Parco Naturale Molentargius-Saline, a nature reserve which stretches over 1600 hectares, and where you will find various plant and animal species. The pink flamingo is the symbol of the park: for more than 30 years this elegant bird has chosen to nest in this area and to see flocks so close to the city centre is truly a unique sight.

Boat holiday in Cagliari: a walk amongst flavours

The flavours of local cuisine are definite, the ingredients of high quality and the Catalan and Genovese influences are noted in a distinct way. Unique dishes such as malloreddus, fregula and culingionis, game and fish, not forgetting the Pecorino Sardo DOP: there is something for every palate, accompanied of course by the wines of the island, tasty and strong.

Sleep on a boat in Cagliari: the comfort of a Houseboat

Choosing to sleep on a boat in Cagliari (bed and boat) means experiencing a unique holiday. We can opt for a modern houseboat created to accommodate its guests in maximum comfort, in a real water-edge resort like that of the Marina di Sant’Elmo. A few minutes from the city centre, the houseboats are perfect for a boat holiday away from the crowds: a really innovative holiday solution, enjoying the spectacle of the sea from our terrace.

And not only innovative, but also rich in that charm that only a boat holiday can give us: with all the services at our disposal in an exclusive environment, our trip becomes something new and unforgettable.

boat holiday in Cagliari , houseboat

Private cruise: rent a boat to discover the coast

The south of Sardinia offers unique stretches of coastline, where long beaches are interspersed with tiny secluded coves which are less easy to reach. Renting a sailing boat for a private cruise in Cagliari could be the perfect opportunity for an exclusive holiday in discovery of these places. Departing from Mari Pintau beach, so called due to its colours that seem to come straight from an artists canvas. The beach is much loved by the young crowd and has a “wild” aspect, making it perfect to reach by boat.

boat holiday in Cagliari, sailboat

And if you love postcard-perfect places, then don’t miss the beach of Porto Giunco at Villasimius, which is probably one of the most charming on the entire southern coast of the island. It’s enough to know that it’s been used as a location for many TV commercials; the soft white sand and crystal clear waters create a unique atmosphere. And just walk up to the Saracen tower that overlooks the headland to enjoy an exclusive view of the spectacle of the Sardinian sea.

A boat holiday in Cagliari to discover the “mysterious” side of Sardinia. Far from the glamour and the chaos, but incredible for the emotions it can offer.