The Marina of Genoa is amongst the most important touristic ports in the Mediterranean, capable of offering high level services to it’s guests

Genoa Marina is the most important “gateway to the sea” of the city and the entire Ligurian coast. In fact, it is only 5 minutes from Christopher Colombus International Airport, the corresponding motorway exit and 10 minutes from the city centre, so in just a short journey you can reach this Marina in an exclusive location.

Genoa Marina’s touristic port is therefore located in a perfect position to be the starting point for discovering not only the city, but the whole region.

The unique charm of Genoa, UNESCO Heritage city, a quintessential coastal city celebrated by artists from all eras, is only one step away: and from Genoa Marina you can enjoy the beauty of both the city and the sea from a privileged view point.

Genoa Marina: Guest services

The pride of the touristic port is the uncountable number of services available to guests, which makes it a real “resort” on the water.

Starting with gastronomy: because a holiday is never complete without the chance to treat yourselves to some excellent food. And in the Marina there are many high quality restaurants, able to satisfy the most diverse tastes, from the most refined to those who love local cuisine.

Similarly, for those who prefer a more informal atmosphere you can choose between the many pubs and cafes. In addition, for the hungriest of visitors, there is a ‘creamery’ that offers deliciously unique desserts.

For the more discerning travellers, who want to immerse themselves in the charm of the Marina, you can sample a dinner on board an exclusive sailing boat, with a menu of seafood specialties.

Genoa Marina

And for those who want to discover the sea at its very deepest, there is also a diving centre, which organises boat trips and dives in the most beautiful depths of the riviera.  Go in search of the ghostly wrecks lying on the seabed with their fascinating stories and identities.

For all Marina customers there is also an exclusive Resort Club. Here you can relax in a high-level environment. The resort has a fitness room equipped with the most modern machinery and has a personal trainer service.

Two days in Genoa: The history and the sea

Staying on a boat moored within the Touristic Port of Genoa allows you to discover the city, starting from the sea, an essential element in understanding Genoa. Sleeping on a boat is the perfect place from wher to start your holiday in Genoa.

people sleeping on a boat genoa marina

So, with the sea always within easy reach, you can visit some of the most beautiful parts of this city. Starting from La Lanterna, the tallest lighthouse in the Mediterranean. This has been the symbol of Genoa for centuries, and is not to be missed. In addition, it houses a dedicated museum.Genoa Marina

Your day in Genoa will always start on the right foot. You won’t need an alarm, the sunlight gradually entering through the portholes will wake you gently and dictate the rhythm of the day. And after breakfast out on deck, amidst the sounds of the Marina as it also wakes up, you can set off on your tour of the city.

Porto Antico and Genoa for children

The Old Port is the main hub for any visit to the city, after the renovation of the area in accordance with the project of the architect Renzo Piano, on the celebration of 500 years since the discovery of America.

The area of the Old Port is completely pedestrianised and accessible to all types of visitors thanks to the ample open spaces, and has therefore become the place to enjoy outdoor “nightlife”, particularly during the summer.

In addition to a classic turn on the ‘Bigo’, the 360 degree elevator, there are two stops not to be missed if you are on holiday with the family, The Aquarium and the Galata Museum. You will need at last half a day to visit them both, but its definitely worth it, even if you’re an adult.

Discovering the magic of the sea and its history really leaves you with some new emotions. And right behind the port, you will find the majestic Palazzo San Giorgio. According to legend, this was Marco Polo’s prison. From here, the historic centre of Genoa opens up before you. It’s the largest in Europe, and a UNESCO Heritage site.

Genoa Marina

After that, the alleys then lead you up to the most exclusive meeting place of Genoa, Piazza de Ferrari, a stone’s throw from the Carlo Felice Theatre. Here you will find the Doge’s Palace (often showing exhibitions of international importance) and the Palazzo della Borsa. The square is full of light and life, so it’s the perfect spot for a break and maybe an aperitif in one of the bars of the area.

In the caruggi, in search of culinary treasures

In the alleyways you will also find plenty of opportunities to sample the real cuisine of this area. It consists of humble cooking which expertly combines products from the land and the sea, able to impress even the most refined palates. In summary, discovering Ligurian cuisine reveals ancient and traditional dishes and a history that needs to be understood in order to fully appreciate it’s flavours.

Genoa is a city of art, full of museums and among the most interesting there is the Castello d’Albertis.

Castello d’Albertis is a real castle, rebuilt by a traveller who went round the world three times, this museum showcases memories and artefacts of his countless journeys and the cultures he discovered. You can use an elevator to reach the Museum, from where you can enjoy a unique bird’s eye view of the city below.

Genoa Marina

Sleep on a boat moored in the Marina: relaxation in an unrivaled environment

The perfect place where to stay and starting poingt to enjoy Genoa and the Liguria Region? A boat moored in the Marina! Sleeping on a boat will be the most extraordinary experience you may have.

Breakfast taken out on deck of a yacht, enjoying the splendour of the day as it begins, is one of the best rituals you can possibly imagine.

And, at the end of the day, staying in the touristic port gives you a front row ticket to the unique show of the sun setting over the sea.

Enjoying the end of the day in your rented yacht will give you a moment in which time seems to tick by more slowly, blending the colours of the sea and the sky, to be enjoyed from the privileged view point of the boat‘s bridge, reserved only for you and your loved ones.

family on a boat. Sleep on a boat with Letyourboat

Before dinner though, enjoy a moment of relaxation, thanks to the freedom that staying on a boat offers. It all starts from the moment you walk barefoot on the wooden deck, and begin to feel deeply connected with the nature around you.

Genoa Marina

Genoa Marina: high level hospitality for all budgets sleeping in a boat

Choosing to stay on board a boat moored in the Touristic port of the Marina of Genoa gives you a really unique experience. And not only for it’s location, but also for all the services the Marina offers.

Everything you need to make your holiday special is at hand without the need for long and tedious journeys. Enjoying the light of the stars, surrounded by water, in the unique beauty of a yacht, symbolises something exclusive and unforgettable.

Far from the chaos of traffic, it’s possible to experience a privileged holiday, every detail taken care of and within everyone’s budget.

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