Boat holiday in Lazio in search of hidden treasures

Litorale pontino, on boat

Litorale pontino (the pontine coast) is amongst the most beautiful destinations for those who love the sea and boating holidays. Whether it be a private cruise or a Bed and Boat stay with the ‘sleep on a boat’ formula, a boat holiday in Lazio is the chance to discover unique and fascinating corners.

In the area between Rome and Campania, the coast hides a series of white sandy beaches and charming villages. And not to be forgotten, the Pontine islands, a marine protected area, enclosed in a dream-like sea.

Litorale pontino: a private cruise along the coast

Litorale pontino, Sperlonga

Rent a sailing boat for a private cruise to reach the coast’s most beautiful villages and beaches: a fabulous idea that gives you freedom to move and discover new destinations. Starting with Sabaudia, with its 15 kms of beach, often a weekend destination for VIPs. And Sabaudia is not only sea, but also one of the towns in the area most rich in events and shows, especially in the summer.

And if we are looking for one of the area’s characteristic villages, we absolutely cannot miss Sperlonga. Set on a rock overlooking the sea, we are welcomed by the typical seaside village atmosphere, with its narrow streets and low white houses. Going further south is Gaeta, which overlooks the gulf of the same name. The perfect destination if you have little sailors on board, because along this coast you will find both the most well hidden coves, those that can only be reached by boat, and also organised beach establishments equipped for families.

Litorale pontino: sleep onboard at Ponza Island

Litorale pontino, ponza island

Very close to the coast you will find the Pontine Islands, Ponza and Ventotene, surrounded by a spectacular sea. Ponza is probably one of the most beautiful villages in Lazio, a place of exile at the time of Ancient Rome, and now a high-level tourist resort. The island has 40 kilometres of rugged coastline, alternating between coves, beaches, white cliffs and mysterious submerged caves.

couples on boat, on boat

In the island’s interior you can find the remains of past civilisations, in particular Greek and Roman, who colonised the island. Above all, don’t miss the remains of two sumptuous imperial villas, a symbol of luxury and opulence. A peculiarity of the island are the three natural pools, two bordered by rocks and one open to the sea.

To enjoy the beauty of the island, the best choice is to sleep on board a beautiful sailing boat.  Therefore having a holiday of total relaxation, away from the typical summer crowds. The boat becomes our “retreat”, where we can wake up with the sunlight and the sounds of the marina and be able to return in the evening, after having dinner in one of the typical restaurants of the village, to relax under the stars.

Touristic experiences: feel the thrill of discovery

Litorale pontino, windsurf

A holiday is also the opportunity to discover a new sporting activity. Try a surf or windsurfing lesson, or even SUP (stand up paddle boarding), a water sport that’s suitable even for the little ones. SUP is even perfect for a one-of-a-kind archaeological tour: a new and unique point of view, because a touristic experience has the ability to transform a classic holiday into something different and unforgettable.