Motivated, curious about new experiences and with free time and money necessary to travel: this is the identikit of the new “silver” tourist.

Do you know the classic image of the over 65 pensioner, busy leafing through a newspaper in his slippers?

It is an old story, because in reality, especially in the world of tourism, it is very different.

Senior tourists get old, but remain sporty and healthy, they love good food and are curious about news: and the best way to enjoy their retirement is travelling, discovering new destinations and living new experiences, without renouncing to comfort and tranquility.

The ideas are clear, there is a lot of free time and there is the desire to spend it at its best: and the internet offers all the right tools to create a “tailor-made” holiday.

Not only “where”, but above all “how” to travel

The “where”, the destination to reach has always its importance (Italian sea and cities of art are always at the top) but the most important aspect is the “how”:

because senior travellers want to discover new ways of travel, to enrich their experience.

Always discovering something new, go beyond the classic solutions offered by the tourism market:

this is the sprint that pushes the silver tourist to leave, without having to follow predetermined patterns.

In fact, after a life spent satisfying the rhythms imposed by their job and family even on vacation, the new travellers want to be free to leave at any time, even and especially in less crowded periods, to enjoy destinations and experiences in complete calm choices.

Silver Tourism: a young mind, curious about news.

Live a new experience of staying in a boat, different from the classic cruises and outings at sea: Letyourboat is in the front row to offer a tailor made holiday “silver tourism”.

The opportunity to experience hospitality, in bed and boat, enables you to discover the charm of a holiday on board a boat, without renouncing to tranquility and comfort.

Choosing to stay on board of a boat moored at the Navy’s means being in the heart of the most beautiful cities on the coast and being completely free to move.

And which location is more romantic than a boat to spend a unique evening?

The sound of the sea, the lights of other boats, the beauty of a gifted environment has a charm that no hotel room can offer.

Falling asleep under the stars and having breakfast on the deck, enjoying the silence and the spectacle that the sea offers:

a unique experience, which thanks to Letyourboat becomes accessible to everyone.

Just one click to choose a perfect holiday for the most demanding “palates”.

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