Turquoise waters, wild coves, the sound of the wind, the scents of the Mediterranean scrub: boating holidays in Sardinia offer endless discoveries.

Sail the clear seas, admire tongues of white and pink sand, marvel at the beautiful rocks that seem like sculptures: sailing in Sardinia is a truly fascinating experience.

Sardinia is one of the most popular destinations for tourists for its beaches and for the wild and unspoiled landscape.

Boating holidays in Sardinia are the ideal way to discover the wonders of this island. It is a unique journey to experience unforgettable days, discovering the most beautiful, wild and characteristic beaches.

Sardinia is full of beautiful places to visit by boat. From north to south there is the possibility to make beautiful excursions: from the Maddalena archipelago to Villasimius.

Vacanze in barca in Sardegna

It is difficult to define the most beautiful beaches and places in Sardinia, given that more than 1,800 kilometers of coast are characterized by breathtaking landscapes.

Taking a holiday on board a boat allows you to enjoy relax and a magical atmosphere.

Boat holidays in Sardinia: the wild landscape of the south

For sailing holidays in Sardinia, starting from the south, you will meet the wildest and most authentic side of the island. Far from mass tourism, living the boat holidays in Sardinia, especially in the southern area, means living an experience in contact with nature.


Sand dunes and granite headlands, Mediterranean scrub and a blue sea. These are the beaches of Villasimius and surroundings, in unspoiled southern Sardinia.

The south is a riot of dream beaches, nature and tranquility: all to be discovered by boat.

The islets that are located off the coast are wonderful places to visit during your boating holidays. The beaches are enchanting, thanks to the crystal clear sea with a thousand reflections where to dive.

Vacanze in barca in Sardegna

To the south of Sardinia are the islands of Sant’Antioco, San Pietro and the island Piana.

The island of Sant’Antioco has numerous beaches and as many cliffs.

The island of San Pietro is characterized by the presence of inlets, cliffs and caves, such as those of Punta delle geese and Nasca.

A suggestive corner is the Trogiu, a natural swimming pool in the middle of the rocks.

Finally, the Piana island offers an extraordinarily clear sea and particularly suitable for water sports, sailing and fishing.

Vacanze in barca in Sardegna

Porto Giunco ​​beach

Coasting the coasts of Sardinia, it is impossible to miss the Porto Giunco ​​beach. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia. The emerald green waters and the sand with pink reflections make it special.

Is Molentis beach

Among the most beautiful beaches of Villasimius is Is Molentis. The scenic location makes this beach a corner of paradise: an arch of golden sand stretches into the sea and culminates in a rocky outcrop.

Usai quarry

Skirting Villasimius, you can not miss the crystal clear waters of Cava Usai. Another corner of paradise with a harsh and wild aspect, set in a rocky promontory with changing colors.

Timiama beach

Bordered by jagged and picturesque rocks shaped by the wind, dominated by hills covered with pines and junipers, the wide bay of Timi Ama is one of the most beautiful in Villasimius. Here you can dive, practice water skiing and surfing.

During the boating holidays in Sardinia, sailing towards the north, you will meet other equally wonderful landscapes.

Cala Brandinchi

Cala Brandinchi is to be considered among the most beautiful beaches in Italy. This long strip of white sand is very reminiscent of Polynesia for its beauty and colors.

You can also reach Cala Mariolu by sea. Located in the province of Nuoro, the beach is obtained from an inlet surrounded by very high cliffs that plunge into a sea of ​​crystal clear waters.

A jump to “La Pelosa” is a must. The symbolic beach of Stintino where the calm, low water and the vivid colors of the sky are reflected in this unique environment. La Pelosa is among the most beautiful beaches in Italy.

Stintino in barca

Boat holidays in Sardinia: the tourist beaches of the north

Along the splendid Sardinian coasts you can find several islands and islets of various sizes, sometimes uninhabited, but always of rare beauty.

Archipelago of Maddalena

One of the most popular destinations for a sailing trip is the Maddalena archipelago. The colors and scents of these islands conquer anyone lucky enough to visit them.

The cliffs overlooking the crystal clear sea give the area a decidedly suggestive air, especially if admired on board a boat.

These are spectacular and unique places, after landing with a boat on one of these beautiful Sardinian islands. In particular, visiting Caprera is an experience to do absolutely, during a boat holiday in Sardinia.

Arcipelago della Maddalena in barca

The beaches of the Maddalena islands are ideal places to relax by the sea. The Pink Beach is one of the most spectacular to visit.

The characteristic color of the fine sand makes this landscape a Caribbean island.

On the northwestern coast of La Maddalena there is the beautiful beach of Bassa Trinità. It is one of the largest beaches in the entire archipelago and its landscape deserves to be enjoyed during the sailing holidays in Sardinia.

The Archipelago of La Maddalena, off the Costa Smeralda, includes 7 major islands, fifteen islets and hundreds of outcropping rocks that stand out for the beauty of their rugged coasts and unspoiled nature.

La Maddalena, on the homonymous island, is the only inhabited center of the archipelago. In total there are 62 islands, with a total of 180 km of coasts.

Asinara island

The island of Asinara, once used as a maximum security prison, is now home to the Asinara National Park, which houses about eighty wild species including the white donkey, the symbol of the island.

Tavolara island

The island of Tavolara is spectacular to visit during a boat trip.

Arcipelago della Maddalena in barca

To get there just land at the pier which is located on one of the beaches of the island.

As soon as you arrive, you will be fascinated by the color of the sea. The emerald green reflections are enchanting and make the waters perfect for diving.

The bays and coves of the island are characteristic. The golden sand alternates with stretches in which the pink shades become more evident. It is a dream place, to visit absolutely during a holiday in Sardinia.

The island of Tavolara is one of the areas most loved by diving enthusiasts, for the numerous underwater archaeological sites.

Unforgettable boat holidays

There are many islands and places to spend your boating holidays in Sardinia. Quiet and relaxing places to enjoy unique waters and breathtaking scenery. Destinations that allow anyone to enjoy the beauty of the sea and landscapes.

Living the wonders of Sardinia by boat is a show. Everything is magical: from the unspoiled landscape to the scents and colors of the Mediterranean scrub.

Letyourboat gives you the opportunity to experience this fantastic adventure, sailing the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.

Completely disconnect from the routine and immerse yourself in the clear Sardinian waters is a splendid way to experience your boating holidays in Sardinia.

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