Even in Italy today it is possible to live an experience that has so far only been imaginable. Tourism is being revolutionized by an innovative and unusual way of staying overnight, which will soon conquer the hearts of all travellers. With the Bed&Boat you can sleep on a boat all year round, even and especially in winter.

Sailing holidays have always been considered a luxury within the reach of the few who are able to afford an exaggeratedly high standard of living. Letyourboat.com has revolutionized this concept, making the nautical world accessible to all: it offers a wide selection of boats for classic sea excursions (especially available in the summer months), but especially for overnight stays at the mooring.

It is an alternative and still unknown way of staying, which allows all travellers to live a luxurious experience, at affordable prices for everyone. It will be possible to stay aboard fantastic yachts, catamarans and sailboats, stationary in the Marina, and fall asleep lulled by the slow flow of the sea.

Dormire in barca (Bed&Boat)

Bed&Boat: the tourism revolution

Sleeping on a boat is a new and different travel experience compared to the traditional stay in a hotel room or apartment. The Bed&Boat represents a real revolution in tourism: a new way of experiencing the sea, savouring every aspect, every smell and every glimpse.

Not to mention the evocative atmosphere of a delicious fish dinner aboard an enchanting yacht at sunset. Even from inside the boat it will be possible to enjoy the scenery that appears outside. The setting of the sun gives way to an impalpable calm, in which the vermilion colours and a light breeze are the masters.

The experience becomes more and more magical by letting yourself be carried away by the soft light of the moon and stars that filters through the portholes, and by the light flow of the waves.

Therefore by renting a boat moored in the Marina, you won’t even have to worry about possible bad weather, which could in some cases disturb your rest.

Upon awakening, you are immersed in the life of the port, which with the first light of dawn comes alive with fishermen and the smell of salt in the air. An enveloping breakfast on the deck of the boat will be the best way to start a wonderful day.

Dormire in barca (Bed&Boat)

Sleeping comfortably on a boat is really possible

One of the doubts that can hold back a traveller is not being able to enjoy all the comforts that a night in a hotel provides.

The hotel room certainly offers all the services necessary for a comfortable stay, but it often represents an aseptic reality without personality: a reality far from that sought by modern travellers.

Sleeping on a boat is not a spartan or uncomfortable experience, as we usually think: it is no longer a question of slipping into uncomfortable bunks or sleeping bags, but to enjoy the luxury of rooms equipped with all the necessary space and comfort.

Nowadays the world of travel has changed: just take a look at the new travel trends to understand how the offers of classic holidays are losing more and more ground.

Modern travellers want to try new and alternative experiences, without sacrificing comfort and adventure. The Bed&Boat represents one of the most interesting innovations in this scenario, managing to reconcile the requests for novelty and exclusivity with the comfort of a level of hospitality.

Dormire in barca (Bed&Boat)

Nautical tourism “out of season”

While up to now the sailing holiday in winter has been a risky choice, thanks to the Bed&Boat it is possible to experience the marine atmosphere even in the coldest months of the year.

During the winter season, the coast offers shows that are impossible to attend in the other months. It must be said: sailing in the summer is beautiful, but you have to deal with the crowding of the sea and marinas. In the colder season, however, the pace is slower and it is possible to experience the sea at 360 degrees.

Sleeping on a boat also implies having a privileged starting point for visiting the most beautiful seaside towns. Often the historic centre is a stone’s throw from the sea and it takes very little to immerse yourself in local culture and tradition, and then return home to the Marina.

In recent years there has been a strong development of the Marinas in different regions of Italy: the landings are safe and able to offer a series of important services for tourists. It is possible to taste the typical products of the area in the moonlight, discovering the historical wonders of the marinas.

There are many boats to spend a night onboard, especially those moored in the most suggestive landings in the Mediterranean.

The sea has immense power: it helps you feel alive and an integral part of nature. Sometimes the sound of the waves and the scent of salt is enough to be in harmony with yourself.

Hear the sound of the surf and the flight of a seagull in the distance, while the gleams of the sea filter through the lashes of half-closed eyelids.

In conclusion, you don’t need to set sail in distant seas to experience all this: just spend a night on a boat in one of the most beautiful ports in Italy.

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