Bonds are coming to get out of the crisis: dining bond, travel bond.

While the economy is falling due to the coronavirus crisis, the restaurant and travel sectors are launching initiatives to look to the future and restore confidence in the tourism sector and at the same time give a help in this difficult period.

In fact, if travel-related companies would go bankrupt, even when the emergency is over there will be no places to go, everything will be closed and everything will fail.

In general, it’s estimated a contraction of 25 billion for the second quarter of 2020 and a total of 25 million less foreign tourists between February and June, to which another 25 million could be added between July and September.

According to data released on Friday, the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown of half of the world’s population will lead us into the worst crisis since the Great Depression of 1929.

This is the alarm raised by an article of the Financial Times.

What is a bond?

Economically speaking, it is an obligation.

States borrow money to finance their business activities.

The ‘normal’ ones, physiological ones (pensions, salaries to the public administration, services to citizens such as transport and health, military expenses, etc.), and also extraordinary ones: this would be the case of the Covid-19 epidemic.

While Eurobonds are so controversial in Europe, private bond initiatives work well. Let’s see what they are and how they are spreading in the market.

The dining bonds 

Restaurants are trying to deal with the crisis thanks to restaurant or dining bonds, a solidarity idea that comes from the US, where to the customer is offered the opportunity to purchase a discounted dinner that can be booked and consumed after the emergency is over.

In this way we want to push the customer to regain trust in the restaurant and at the same time to give a help to the restaurant owner in difficulty.

In the USA, the diningbond.com platform has already been created, which already has 450 restaurants, of which 55 in twelve Italian regions, and being an international portal, all restaurants can register themselves.

The aim is practically to support and help all those restaurateurs who have been forced to close for weeks or have been limited to home deliveries only.

Once the restaurant has been chosen, the customer will directly end up on the site where he can book dinner or lunch with a discount and go there to eat when the emergency is over.

Fipe is also thinking about a similar project, called Ristobond, which aims to retain customers by offering discounts of 25%. In the meantime, similar platforms such as saveoneseat.com or Rinascororistorazione.com were born.

The Travel bonds

Are a real savings bond, in which it is possible to purchase a bond at a rate of value to be repaid for the nominal value on a future date.

A way to support and show attention, but also to guarantee the future of companies in the travel sector.

The Travel Bond initiatives would allow to support the companies in the hospitality sector put to the test by the closure of the coronavirus.

The idea, like the one in the restaurant sector, is to leave and enjoy the holiday chosen when everything has returned to normal, but to buy today the holiday voucher, or the travel bond, at a discounted price.

Travel bonds: the safest

One of the first questions from travellers is: what are the safe destinations this year?

The answer is definitely an uncrowded destination. There will be few safe destinations that will allow you to keep your distance from others.

Most likely, museums and places of art with large tourist flows will continue to be visited through the many virtual reality applications that give you the opportunity to enjoy them in a simple and safe way by sitting in a beautiful domestic sofa, preferably with a good visor of augmented reality.

Studies confirm air flights’ coats will be significantly reduced and distances in general.

There will be a proximity tourism, which will prefer safe destinations, uncrowded locations and secluded places.

One of all will be sleeping on a boat, a solution to fully enjoy comfort and the sea, without queues and crowds, just you, your family and the sea.

The holiday on a boat, sleeping on a boat, is the only alternative that will allow us to experience the need for social distancing imposed by the restrictive measures caused by the coronavirus not as a deprivation but as a luxury: freedom.

To support the nautical sector and the entire travel sector, Letyourboat has launched the initiative for all lovers of the sea, boating and experiences.

The idea of ​​Letyourboat is first and foremost solidarity in support of the travel sector. Letyourboat renounces its earnings in order to help the boating and travel sector.

In fact, the discount on bookings is paid by Letyourboat and the entire value of the package purchased is fully paid by Letyourboat to the supplier of the experience.

The traveler only has to choose the budget of the boat holiday:

pay only 85%, because 15% is paid by Letyourboat, and book safe destinations when he wants without expiry limits with a bond worth 100% of the amount .

The bond is very easy to use. Just enter the travel bond code when booking your boat holiday.

The Letyourboat bond gives you the opportunity to sleep on a boat by choosing from hundreds of available options that vary from splendid catamarans to fantastic yachts in many different locations on the coast, true pearls of the Mediterranean, from the Ligurian Coast to Sorrento.

A safe and human-sized holiday that will give you the opportunity to taste unique comforts and atmospheres, away from the crowds, in many exclusive seaside contexts that can be chosen, from Montecarlo to Porto Cervo.

A safe holiday away from the crowds, sleeping on a boat to pamper yourself in a unique environment.

To support the nautical sector and all the people who work in the travel industry, as well as to give you a few days off in the only safe destinations this year, buy your travel bond letyourboat.

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