Yacht rental enables to choose a luxurious boat, with all the comforts included, for your vacation.

Treating yourself with and entire vacation or even just a week-end on board of a luxurious yacht: a goal that seems unreachable for many people, due to organizational and economic reasons.

But reality is pretty different: renting a yacht contributes to a large part of tourism and offers a large choice between times and locations, in other words the type of vacation you prefer.

Nautical tourism has changed a lot during these last years: after a long period of crisis, signs of revival have been evident and the capacity to transform and to adapt has been the asset.

Yacht rental: a driving force for the nautical world

The possibilities offered by yacht rental concern not only those who decide to try a new experience of stay,but also for ship-owners.

In fact, they’ve often found themselves in difficulty due to the high costs of maintenance of the boats and to the fact that they can benefit of their boats only for a limited period of time.

The possibility offered by relevant regulations, in particular from the occasional renting between privates, enables to cover the expenses related to the boat (for example, the rent of the berth) without necessarily having to dedicate yourself to renting as a commercial activity, therefore without losing the possibility of using your own boat.

It’s an important thrust for the nautical sector as a whole, which allows the growth of tourists:

from occasional travellers in search of a unique and charming accomodation, to the most demanding ones in search of luxurious yachts.

An offer for everyone, from a vacation to the B&B bed and boat

Currently, yacht rental presents an offer which enable to cover every possible requests: from a cruise in the far seas, to a vacation on the Italian coasts.

But the big news is represented by the possibility of choosing the type of the B&B bed and boat: without the necessity of sailing, you can decide to to stay in the cabin of a splendid luxury yacht, combining the the charm of the sea to the comfort of a high level hospitality

Many new horizons open for travel enthusiasts: with the renting of a yacht there is an alternative to the ‘’usual’’ stay in a hotel, enabling to discover new places from a different point of view.

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