Sleep on a boat in Lisbon to discover the sweetness and slowness of the city

A boat holiday in Lisbon is the perfect occasion to discover aspects of this city that often escape the hasty traveller.  Because Lisbon is a city with a slow and quiet pace, so much so that it seems to be resting, and it needs to be experienced in the right way, moving to the rhythm of Fado.

Discover Lisbon from above

The thing that strikes visitors the first time they find themselves in Lisbon is the fact that the city has expanded vertically, as happens often with ancient seaside towns. For this reason Lisbon needs to be seen from above.  The Castello Sao Jorge that dominates the city is the perfect spot. Inside the castle you will find the ‘Periscope’, a dark room that thanks to a particular trick of mirrors offers a 360-degree view of the city. From here you will feel like ancient conquerors, ready to rule over Lisbon.

And to move up and down along the alleys and hills that are typical of this city, there is nothing better than taking advantage of the most famous means of transport, the tram. Lisbon’s trams are legendary: line no. 28 in particular is not to be missed. Boarding this tram, we discover the Alfama district, with its colours and its chaotic and almost elusive atmosphere making it one of the most characteristic areas of the city.

Boat holiday in Lisbon, Tram Lisbon

Port and bacalhua: the jewels of traditional cuisine

A city is also its cuisine and Lisbon is no exception. To taste it there is nothing better than entering one of the tascas that are located in each of the city’s neighbourhoods. Small typical coffee shops, often family-run, where you can taste traditional products. But let’s remember to leave some space for Bacalhau: it seems that in Lisbon there are 365 different ways to cook it (366 for leap years). And you can’t refuse an excellent Port, the perfect accompaniment for typical Portuguese desserts.

Boat holiday in Lisbon: the Marina Parque das Nações

Do you want to experience the thrill of sleeping on a boat in Lisbon, but without exposing yourselves to the winds and currents? Choosing a Houseboat within the Homeboat Company, Portugal’s first homeboat, is the winning idea. Modern Houseboats are equipped with every comfort and located within the Marina Parque das Nações, 5 minutes from the airport and not far from the centre of Lisbon, but at the same time far from the chaos that can be found in the city during the tourist season.

Boat holiday in Lisbon, Houseboat Lisbon

Sleeping on board a houseboat (bed and boat) means giving yourself a holiday within a holiday. A comfortable solution for a stay that’s equipped with all those services that we need to make our trip perfect, but also one that’s able to give us incomparable emotions. Because enjoying a sunset view of the sea and the city, illuminated by the lights, is a sight that can hardly be forgotten. Just like having breakfast in the early hours of the day, as the Marina starts to come to life, ready for a day discovering the wonders of Lisbon.

Private cruise in Lisbon: discover the most beautiful beaches from the sea

And if we want to experience a private cruise in search of the most beautiful beaches of Lisbon’s coast? Why not choose to rent a boat, perhaps a catamaran, modern and equipped with every comfort, to explore the coast? Because Lisbon faces the Atlantic Ocean and its coast is famous for its beautiful beaches and coves which are only accessible from the sea.

Like Adriga, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Portugal for its scenery of cliffs and fine sand. Or Portinho, in the Serra da Arrábida National Park, characterised by small sandy beaches and turquoise water. One of the least frequented places for tourists in the area, perfect for diving to discover the wonders of the deep.

Boat holiday in Lisbon, Catamaran Lisbon

And for those who are passionate about watersports, we must add the beaches of the Parco Naturale di Sintra-Cascais to our cruise itinerary. Here the wind blows constantly all year round and offers the perfect conditions for surf enthusiasts. Like Praia da Rainha, in Cascais, which was the favourite beach of Queen Dona Amelia, where you can go diving and sailing.

Boat holiday in Lisbon: book in one click

Whether you choose to sleep on a boat or prefer the adventure of a private cruise, renting a boat or a houseboat is the perfect solution for your holiday in Lisbon. You can experience the city and the coast in absolute safety, enjoying the emotions that only a boat holiday can offer.