Private cruises in Greece and the Greek islands by boat: Greece is a step ahead as it prepares to safely reopen to tourism.

First news for summer 2021: Greece will open on May 14 to international tourism and private cruises in Greece and around its islands are the solution that guarantees safety and total freedom. There is a varied range of options that allow you to discover the Greek islands by boat. In addition, all the necessary protocols are obviously in place to ensures safe tourism.

Greece’s goal is to have summer 2021 Covid free and therefore new health protocols will only allow access to the country to vaccinated travellers or those with a negative covid test.

Choosing Greece could lead the way for a new holiday experience in summer 2021, with a focus on safety but also the goal of starting to travel again. The needs of every type of traveller can be met by a private cruise in Greece where they will discover the charm of the Greek islands by boat.

Private cruises in Greece

Summer holidays 2021: In search of corners of paradise, private cruises in Greece

What better way to discover the most beautiful corners of a location than to choose from one of the many private cruises in Greece? Above all, its also the best solution for safe tourism. Renting a boat in Greece, together with family or friends, guarantees a stay away from the typical summer crowds.

Enjoy the sea, with its sunsets and sunrises, immerse yourself in the crystal clear water of idyllic coves and discover the small beaches of the islands, often only reachable by sea.

A private cruise is all this and much more. Let’s discover together the most beautiful destinations in Greece for an unforgettable holiday.

Athens and the Saronic Gulf: discovering the Greek islands by boat

Athens certainly needs no introduction, but for those who love nautical tourism the islands of the Saronic Gulf hide fantastic surprises.

A private cruise in Greece is definitely the best way to discover the beauty of these islands, which are still not a destination for mass tourism. Arriving from the sea you can discover the Greek islands by boat, corners of uncontaminated nature and beaches where you can swim and sunbathe in peace.

And after a day at sea, a walk through the streets of Hydra and the citrus groves of Poros will be just what you need to work up an appetite, before a dinner of typical specialities, such as the pistachio nuts of Aegina.

Private cruises in Greece

The Halkidiki Peninsula and its “Caribbean Sea”

A real Paradise of the Sea: this is the Halkidiki Peninsula, all to be discovered on board a boat. Renting a boat in Greece means freedom. Nature and the sea are the masters in this region.

If you decide on a private cruise in this area, there are two places that you absolutely cannot miss and that represent the first two “fingers” of the Halkidiki Peninsula.

Firstly there is Kassandra, which overlooks the Gulf of Thessaloniki. The second is Sitonia with its white beaches, crystal clear waters and a beautiful backdrop as the perfect setting for a cruise.

Only from the deck of a boat can you admire Mount Athos in all its beauty. This is the third “finger” of the Peninsula, which houses 20 Orthodox monasteries and is therefore considered a sacred place, accessible only with a special permit.

The Greek islands by boat: a paradise for travellers

The Greek islands are a famous destination for tourists from all over the world. They deserve such recognition, given their outstanding beauty. Boat rental for a private cruise is therefore definitely the best way to explore them.

Mykonos and Santorini

Mykonos and Santorini, which are part of the Cycladic archipelago, are certainly among the most famous islands in Greece and in fact the Mediterranean. But this island chain also offers lesser-known locations, such as Serifos and Anafi, small jewels where time seems to stand still.

In conclustion the Cyclades are the perfect destination for a boat holiday.

Renting a boat offers us the opportunity to discover all the different and fascinating aspects of this archipelago. And at the same time we have a space of our own, away from the crowds, where we can relax and enjoy the sunsets and the unique scenes they display.

Greek Islands by boat

Rhodes and the Dodecanese Islands

A bridge between East and West: the Dodecanese islands are the closest to the coast of Turkey and show evidence of contamination between the two different cultures. About 160 islands make up the archipelago, of which only 25 are inhabited.

Rhodes is certainly the most renowned destination in this area.  The beauty of the beaches merge with the charm of history, for an all-round holiday experience. But even the smallest islands are waiting to be uncovered. They are less touristic, often uninhabited, and can only be reached by sea. A private cruise in this archipelago allows you to discover the most unspoiled corners for an unforgettable holiday.

Skiathos and the Sporades

More than sixty beaches: this is the main feature of Skiathos, the principal island of the Sporades. This archipelago is located in the north of the Aegean Sea and consists of a few islands which all merit a stop during a cruise holiday.

For instance, Skopelos is famous for being the location of the film “Mamma Mia” and represents the tradition of the Greek islands. Alonissos is the furthest from the mainland, but reaching it means discovering the perfect spots for clear water and relaxation.

Summer 2021 is approaching and travellers are ready to come back onboard, discovering both old and new destinations, to live with renewed enthusiasm. Renting a boat for a private cruise or to sleep on board moored in the marina is the perfect way to spend your holidays and finally start travelling again.