Boat holiday in the Tuscan archipelago: travelling amongst dolphins and whales

To discover Tuscany, the smartest choice is that of renting a boat. A Bed and Boat stay or a private cruise between the islands of the Tuscan archipelago are pefect for a unique holiday. Above all, Tuscany is famous for its cities of art, but the coast and the islands are real pearls. They are all rich in charm, from Elba, the most famous, right down to the smallest. A boat holiday on the Tuscan archipelago is the perfect occasion to enjoy the beauty of both the sea and nature.

Tuscany on boat, boat

Boat holiday in the Tuscan archipelago: from Elba to Montecristo

Choosing to rent a sailing boat for a private cruise allows you to follow the wind in search of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. This area of sea is characterised by the presence of numerous natural habitats, divided between the sea, included in the perimeter of the Cetacean Sanctuary, and the islands, each one with its own unique characteristics.

Starting with Elba, the largest. Famous for its beaches and for being the most “fashionable” island, but also the one where nature reigns, thanks to the turquoise sea and the colour of the butterflies. Various African species choose Elba as their landing point, and sometimes make it their new home.

The islands of Montecristo and Pianosa are those that contain the testimonials of the various civilisations that have followed one another in the archipelago. For this reason it is not possible to access these two islands directly, but instead via a bookable guided tour.

Tuscany by boat: Capraia and CorsicaTuscany on boat, archipelago

Capraia is the third largest island and the furthest from the mainland. Of volcanic origin, it retains a wilder nature than the others. The perfect island for relaxation, here even time seems to pass more slowly, in harmony with the rhythm of nature.

And for those who love sailing, it doesn’t take long to reach Corsica and spend a day on the beaches of this wild French island.

Tuscany by boat: sleep on a boat to discover the coast and the hinterland

If our idea of a boat holiday is not that of a cruise, we can choose a Bed and Boat stay. Maybe on a beautiful sailing boat, to enjoy the atmosphere and charm that precious woods and custom-made furnishings give. Just like in a hotel suite, with all the essential holiday services at your fingertips, but always in complete tranquility and safety. Because sleeping on a boat also means having “a corner of paradise”, away from the crowds and excessive confusion, typical of many holiday destinations.

A 360 degree holiday: discover and experience the territoryTuscany on boat, ebike

A boat holiday can be so much more than we imagine. To be able to choose between different touristic experiences, that lead to the discovery of the land, food and wine traditions or new sports, can literally transform a holiday.

And in Tuscany you can choose an ebike tour in search of the beauty of Argentario, immersing yourself in nature with an ecological mode of transport. Or, after a pleasant ride, stop to taste some of the typical wines of the area, while discovering the process of  cultivation and production.

A holiday that is not limited to reaching a destination, but that becomes something more: an exclusive experience, destined to become unforgettable.