Do you have a boat and want to become a host? Make it an income and subscribe to the Letyourboat portal.

Anyone who owns a boat knows very well what are the huge costs to be incurred for insurance, maintenance and taxes. The risk we run today is seeing the boats age in a marina or a garage.

In fact, in Italy, as in the rest of the world, the number of abandoned boats is growing every year.

The reasons? The huge management costs that shipowners have to bear every year. Fairing, maintenance, mooring and taxes, the costs sometimes become really unsustainable.

How can we overcome this and help pleasure boating to recover? How to help shipowners cover costs so as not to be forced to leave their boats abandoned?

The market has studied a new solution: hospitality and tourism are always looking for new channels, and boat rental is proving to be one of the most interesting.

Hai una barca, diventa un host

You have a boat: become a host with one click

Today to support the costs of the boats it is possible to become a host by earning the boat for free.

Boat rental, using the right service, is a quick and easy way to make a boat profit.

The sharing economy has experienced exponential growth in recent years, also for what concerns boat rental: we are talking about a market that represents a value of 10 billion euros in the world.

Different possibilities are offered by the best platforms for renting boats, aiming not only at boaters, but also at those who want to enjoy a very different holiday than usual.

Become a host on Letyourboat

Letyourboat is the online platform that offers owners the opportunity to earn by hosting on board.

The site, named among the best 200 startups at the Web Summit, defined by Forbes as the most important event in the world in this field, was launched on the market by a team of nautical experts and is the result of studies to fully satisfy the needs of shipowners and potential users.

The use is totally free and allows owners to earn, either as an occasional rental for outings at sea regulated under Legislative Decree 69/2013 or by renting the boat for a simple overnight stay (defined on the B&B site).

In addition, it can also provide useful services to the charter market, which can use it to rent their boats in B&B mode during the season when they do not go out to sea.

Diventa un host su Letyourboat

Developed with the latest technologies, our platform is equipped with all the necessary functions for communication, booking, verification of vessel documents, management of rates and calendars with availability.

All users, boats and documents are verified with an advanced system to guarantee a safe and risk-free site. And if there is a reservation, it is the owner who decides whether to accept it or not.

Letyourboat stands out for being the only platform for renting a boat that allows the owner to use, if he wishes, an operational manager (the Rent Advisor) who will assist him in booking and managing the boat.

Letyourboat makes boat holidays accessible to everyone, satisfying both owners, who can thus make a profit, and travellers who can enjoy a unique experience on board.

Boat rental: just one click!

By relying on the services of Letyourboat you will not have to worry about anything: you choose the method to receive payments, create your rates and your calendar and prepare to earn by renting your boat.

Instead,  Letyourboat takes care of the check-in, the check-out, the management of the deposit and the cleaning.

On Letyourboat you can easily create an ad to find travellers interested in accommodation, mooring or experiences/outings at sea.

You will have control of the calendar for boat availability and seasonal rates, plus you can take advantage of the support of the Guest Assistants: industry professionals present in the Marina to support all check-in/check-out and on-board cleaning operations.

All advertisements on Letyourboat concern verified boats and are created by verified users. Full insurance coverage is available for all bookings.

Become a host in a few simple steps

Register on Letyourboat

To become a host, create your profile on the site to immediately start publishing your ads for free.

Create your ad

Follow the ad creation wizard – it’s easy and free! You will be able to freely manage the booking calendar and rates, and if you need assistance you will receive full support from our staff.

Verified users and boats

After creating the announcement, upload the necessary documentation to verify the Host and the vessel. Once verified, your ad will be online and you can immediately start earning by hosting on board without risks and worries!

Guest Assistant

Owners can be assisted at all stages by a network of Guest Assistant, which is responsible for providing complete assistance and services including check-in, check-out and cleaning of the boat.

In this way, if the owner does not have time or lives far from where his boat is moored, he can request the management of the reservation from “his” Guest Assistant, who will arrange the accommodation for the guests, explain everything they need to know on board, checking the boat and cleaning it after your stay.

Se hai una barca diventa host

The Letyourboat portal

In addition, the site provides third-party civil insurance, accidents in the event of recreational activities at sea and a deposit or insurance against damage to the boat, even in the case of overnight stays moored on the quay in B&B mode.

Available in five languages, the LetYourBoat portal will ensure certain contact between shipowners with people looking for a boat to rent, with or without a skipper, or simply to use as an alternative to an apartment or hotel, moored on the quay.

Have you never thought so far that your boat could turn into a tourist accommodation?

Now you know that renting your boat as the accommodation of a one-of-a-kind bed and breakfast is possible.

All this by relying on the Letyourboat portal, without facing tedious complications, thus being able to amortize the costs of the boat. Sign up for the portal and become a host.


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